Erik’s Tips: Cool guys walk away from explosions

Unless they are towers.

Towers, or Turrets, give gold to everybody on your team when they are destroyed, but since patch 3.14 they also give bonus gold to players that are near them when they are destroyed — and that range isn’t very far.

It is a common strategy to delay putting the last hit on an undefended tower for a few extra seconds to let it kill as many minions as possible while enemies aren’t present — as a form of gold and xp denial. However, pro players took it a step further and became too cool to put that last hit on themselves and let the minions do it. Now, lower elo players have begun to mimic this after it is no longer a good idea.

If you are wondering, it is 100 extra gold to be near the enemy turret when it blows up. ¬†Well, technically, I should mention that the inhibitor turret isn’t worth extra gold.

Global gold per person for towers, starting with the outer turret and working to the inhibitor turret, is 150, 125, and 175. I find it interesting that the second turret in a lane is worth less than the first and the third. The second and third are also worth xp, while the first one isn’t.

So, an outer tower that falls by minions alone is worth 750 gold (150 x 5), while an outer turret taken down by 5 people is worth 1250 gold (250 x 5.)

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