Breaking a loosing streak

Having a bad week? Here are some of my thoughts on how to turn that frown upside down and get back to winning. In the comments, be sure to tell me what you think and what you do when you are having a rough time.

  • Take a break from ranked and play some ARAM or Dominion Games. Personally, I find ARAMs to be relaxing, and no pressure. Everybody is bad with their campions and it really doesn’t matter if you win.
  • Find a new champion and learn them (in normal games.) By learning a new champion, you focus less on trying hard to win and more on learning the mechanics and nuances of the champion. If you are like me, you’ll play safer and won’t be as hard on yourself about mistakes because you know you are just learning that champion.
  • See a movie. Step away from the game for a week and do other things. When you come back, you’ll be fresh and ready to play again. Pushing through a losing streak by force of will can sometimes just make it worse. The harder you try, the more you lose. It’s tough to tune your play — either you lose because you are too timid and afraid to make plays or too aggressive and chasing into death traps. Time away will give you a chance to recalibrate. It’s like riding a bike and you’ll be doing good again in no time.

What do you do when you are on a losing streak?



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