Passive aggressive laning

When I’m top lane, one of the best ways to win in Bronze and Silver is to be patient. Carefully last hit and avoid dueling. Chances are, your opponent will get antsy and want to aggress on you. Back off when they get even close to in range of you. Their aggression will eventually get the best of them and they go in and engage you in your minion line where you have the advantage.

As long as you are getting xp, you don’t have to worry too much about losing a few cs here and there in lower elo. Chances are, they are missing a ton, too.

When they do go in and you have your whole minion wave beating on them, you’ll be in a position to decide to kill them or stick under tower, depending on how well you think the fight will go.

I am very accustom to winning my lane and mostly, I do it with patience. Until I get my first two or three kills, I simply snatch my easy cs as best I can without taking damage and without pushing my lane (there are exceptions — if your jungler is invading, you need to push your lane, just don’t die in the process.)

In low elo, CS and not dying are so much more important than kills. Kills will happen — and lots of them, if you are patient. Starting players assume that the kills come first, but they are actually the result of a carefully cultivated early game.

You need to know your match-ups. If you have an advantage, you can be more aggressive in getting your CS, but worry about your getting the easy gold more than fighting. Punish them for getting to close. If you are in a bad match-up, just try to stay close enough to get your xp and avoid dying. You can’t get back into the game and be useful by feeding your opponent and dying.

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