Erik’s Tips: Playing from behind

I have seen this way, way too much in the past two weeks.

Your team gets behind — probably because of unwarranted early aggression on your part — and now you are trying to get back into the game.

The first rule of being behind: don’t die again.

If your opponent’s won the last fight and you haven’t done anything to get ahead of them in gold, then there is a good chance that they’ll win the next fight. I get so frustrated when people die in lane and then try to get back into the game by fighting more.

If you die when you and your opponent both have 1000 gold in items, when you come back to lane, they’ll have 1300-1500 gold because they picked up gold from killing you and they picked up minions. They also were getting xp and levels while you were gone. Even if they didn’t spend the gold, the xp alone is probably enough to be concerning.

The second rule of being behind: farm.

Get every ounce of CS that you can manage without dying or losing towers. If they keep farming at the same rate of you, then you’ll stay the same distance behind — however, the percentage behind that you are will shrink.

Let’s look at the math.

In our example, you die and now they have 1500 gold to your 1000 gold. That’s a 50% lead.

If you keep farming minions for gold for awhile and you each get 1000 more gold, it will now by 2500 to 2000, which is only a 25% lead.

Just keeping up in farm evenly will let you catch up in a comparative sense. As the game gets later, 500 gold will be less important. If you keep dying, that lead will get out of control. They will pick up cs faster, zone you from getting more cs, and take towers. Growing a lead that you cannot close.

The third rule of being behind is: seize opportunities.

You don’t want to spend your time waiting in bushes because you need to be farming, but if you can catch an opponent out while they are in transition in a 2v1, then killing them will help you get back in the game. Picks become a very real way of getting back into the game.

Avoid fair fights, but don’t hesitate to kill opponents who get arrogant and don’t show respect by walking brazenly through your jungle alone or just trying to seize your tower by themselves.

If you can’t beat somebody in a 2v1, then they are likely so much more skilled than you or have such a massive advantage that there’s little hope in winning. I’m sorry. I’d like to offer hope, but you probably need to resign this game and move on to the next rather than waste your time being frustrated in a match you can’t win. In low elo, people get cocky and do stupid stuff. You might just win a fight here or there by them being dumb, but they probably will only make one big mistake and if that isn’t enough for you to push and win, then you’ll probably still lose. I don’t want to be a downer. Just learn from the experience and move on.


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