Running down a dream

In League of Legends, it is really easy to get caught up in the moment.

We’ve all been there, you catch an enemy champion way out of position and you jump on him three verses one. His demise is certain, but he’s a slippery bugger with all the jukes and inexplicably, he’s getting away. His allies join up, but you are not going to let him go. That’s a dead man walking and you have the determination and the ability to finish him off. And then you die.

There is no greater sin in League of Legends than chasing. Either you have the damage and crowd control to kill somebody or you don’t. Chasing them across the map, even if you get the kill, is going to leave you in a vulnerable position. I’ve seen teams lose objectives for a single kill or waste valuable baron buff time.

And when the champion you are chasing is Teemo or Singed, well… shame on you. Everybody should know that you never chase a Teemo or Singed. Ever. It doesn’t matter that they are at 100 life and you only need just one more hit. You are being led to the slaughter.

I’ve done it. I’m not proud of it. On rare occasion, the enemy team screws up and you feel justified in your chase, but the reality is, it is never a wise move to chase.

Get farm and objectives while that enemy goes back rather than wasting your time and putting yourself at risk.

If they are so hurt that they might die, they can’t stay in lane or out on the battlefield. So, you’ve already gained an advantage and can expand that advantage by picking up CS, towers, dragons, whatever. Anything you do that is safe that extends that advantage is worthwhile. Chasing only puts you at risk of giving back the tiny gain you just earned.

Don’t assume that only kills matter. Kills don’t matter at all. Objectives matter and gold helps. If you send somebody back, you can continue to get gold while they don’t. It’s a small victory and learning to recognize this victory rather than feeling defeat when somebody escapes your perfectly laid trap is an important part of playing better.

By not chasing, you give them the option of making a mistake by not going back and having to try to stay passively in lane getting xp without gold or by overextending and getting killed eventually. Be patient. Be smart. Don’t chase.


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